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Kimberly Goddard

Authority on 21st-century etiquette whose unique style makes learning your manners fun


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  • Florida, United States
After her daughter was born, Kimberly Goddard began searching for programs and activities that she thought would help develop her into a well-rounded person. Unfortunately, her choices were too few and far between. In 1991, she began teaching her own seminars, developing a unique style that makes learning etiquette fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Armed with a passion for civility and a love for teaching, she founded Proper Protocol, Twenty-first Century Etiquette, as a solution to the dwindling level of basic social skills and courtesies found in far too many people. Soon after establishing herself as the etiquette expert for teaching manners, Goddard realized that the art of business etiquette was also changing. As fast as the corporate world was embracing new technologies and yourger entrepreneurs, much of protocol that had been understood and practiced in business for years was now either passe or never taught to new generations of executives who were now running multi-million dollar companies. Goddard saw a need for expanding her Proper Protocol teachings into the corporate world, as a solution for businesses who were looking to gain and edge and "outclass the competition." The growing list of companies she has taught her seminars to runs the gamut from Arthur Anderson to the Ambassador of Australia. In addition to her corporate seminars, college lectures, and children's classes, Goddard writes a weekly etiquette advice column in the Tampa Tribune's "Business Edition" and is found in many other newspapers across the southeast. She is a regular on one of Tampa Bay's most popular morning radion programs, WQYK-FM, where she answers questions from listeners live on the air, and is regular on NBC's Tampa Bay television affiliate, appearing during their morning show, Daytime. She can also be seen weekly on WFLA-TV's news in her own Proper Protocol segments, which are produced and syndicated in Tampa. For several years, Goddard was a regular guest and then co-host of a very popular daily variety show, "Harris & Company," originally broadcast live from Busch Gardens in Tampa. She has co-hosted WQYK's annual Radiothon for St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis and WFLA's Humane Society of Tampa Bay's Telethon, both for the past two years. She is also a sought-after commercial spokesperson on radio and television for a broad range of clients. MOST REQUESTED PROGRAMS 21st Century Business Etiquette 1st Class Business Entertaining 21st Century Etiquette for the Professional Spouse

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